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sorry there will be no black friday, no small business saturday and no cyber monday from team xoandquin – because we’re AWESOME and running #slowvember (it’s totally a thing)

november, let’s face it is is horrid and hectic, there are sales and unnecessary impulse purchases, if you’re a small business, then you’ll be desperately trying to predict how much you need of which packing supplies. 

if you’re trying to complete your christmas shop for your family and friends are you frantically adding things you *may* need to your cart, only to find they’ll sit in the drawer for a year, and ultimately be forgotten, with slowvember you have all month to take advantage of our 20% off deal. if you forget someone, just pop on back over, we’re not going anywhere!

to relieve the pressure, we’re running a standard sale throughout november, so you can shop slowly, browse, take your time, enjoy browsing our products and decide, without pressure, shop only what you need, love and want!

i’m not going to pretend that I’m boycotting black friday, i like every other business, want to maximise sales during this quarter, however, backloading all the sales into the end of the month isn’t something I would like to actually do.

i don’t want people overloading their baskets, stretching themselves and buying things they don’t need or want, just because it was a good deal – i want every purchase to be thought out, calculated and people to only take what they need.

i am also aware we never go on sale, our prices have been calculated to be the best we offer, so here we go….

XOandQuin slowvember schedule: Friday November 5th – Monday November 29th.

🖤 15% off etsy, free UK shipping on orders over £75 – no coupon required
👉additional 20% off if you purchase four items or more using the code 4FOR20 at checkout

🖤20% off with the coupon SLOWVEMBER
👉FREE UK SHIPPING orders over £50

There was an extra treat for newsletter subscribers – if you’re signed up to our newsletter, don’t forget to check for your exclusive code which entitles you to free standard shipping on all orders over £20!

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