eco wedding favour kits

diy wedding kits – plastic free, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable wedding favour packaging.

glassine is our most eco friendly option – it’s the easiest product to dispose of for the end user. manufactured in the uk, food grade, glassine bags are made from PEFC (programme for the endorsement of forest certification) certified pure pine wood cellulose (100% paper), which makes them biodegradable, compostable AND recyclable, a truly green option for your eco conscious wedding!

clear biodegradable bags – a plastic free biodegradable and compostable cellophane packaging alternative made from Nativia® film, a compostable vegan friendly and vegetable starch. EN 13432 and OK BIOBASED certified. Nativia® will degrade in home composting systems in around a year in the UK.

read about how to responsibly dispose of our clear biodegradable bags in our blog post “compostable biodegradable packaging supplies”

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Showing all 10 results