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containerville – creative cheap office work spaces available in london fields e2

containerville - creative cheap office work spaces available in london fields e2 - available immediately

containerville – creative cheap office work spaces available in london fields e2 – available immediately

we have sadly outgrown our workspaces at containerville and are on the move. We have 3 short term leases on the first floor of this affordable and unique workspace situated in east london.

Containerville containers are currently all occupied, and we have not one, but three, we can only be released from our leases by filling them, this is where you come in!

Containerville containers are available to rent for twenty four months, with a break at one year (notice is to be served on month 10) at a monthly rent of £1,200 (including VAT).

Each container can accommodate up to six desks and is kitted out to function perfectly as a clean, modern work space with wifi, double glazing, heater, electricity and a kitchen unit. The whole site is protected with CCTV and gates which are locked at night – with 24 hour access for tenants.

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Available immediately, viewing available immediately

What does containerville cost?

£1200 per month (including vat). this is the complete sum you will pay, there are no hidden extras and this is the price that containerville charge their clients, however you will be required to sign a 2 year lease, which is breakable at 12 months (with notice served at 10)


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what do i get?

rent includes, internet, heating, electricity, and water, one container also does not attract business rates (but you will need to check with tower hamlets to confirn)

you can fit up to six desks and there’s a heater, plugs along both walls and a basic kitchen unit with a sink, and space to put a fridge/dishwasher in

there’s a secure intercom system, so you can let people in and out, post boxes, communal parcel bin, you’l have 24 hour access, cycle storage, toilets, a shower and there’s nebula – the pizza place that serves cocktails – cocktails you say??


image credit containerville

can I decorate?

Yes, you are free to decorate, many businesses have made the units their own

about the containerville community

containerville is a hive of small and startup businesses – from luxury brownie businesses such as Chocolate Dinosaur, hair stylists such as nathan phoenix (he does mother pukka don’t you know!), boomf, lightbox brands, 6 pack beer company, kan kan london, benedict butterworth, the modest merchants, kojax tattoo and so many more!!

there is a communal shower on site, bike parking and access to nebula and a book of perks, which include discounts for other small businesses and local businesses such as mama shelter and mare street market.


IF you refer a friend to me/you sign with containerville – I am offering a £500 cash kickback as soon as containerville have released my from my lease.

Offer only valid for those signing in February, the cash payment is made once containerville have released XOandQuin Limited from their lease.
this offer is not affiliated or endorsed by containerville/max barney.


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