about xoandquin

the first photo and product - yes that's a pineapple.

about XOandQuin – who we are

XOandQuin is a hackney based business, founded by Taz Johnston in 2017, and named after James & Taz’s (then) two, children XO (xavier) and Quin (Joaquín) – Portia, the small girl child, joined the team in 2018.

created as a tongue in cheek side hustle, when she found a small stack of blank kraft card on a shelf and a bag of silver jewellery (from her mum’s shop) in the store room of the office she managed with her partner James (november 2016). 10 mins of googling ‘shit hipster logo’ and boom XOandQuin was born.

meet the XOandQuin dream team

Taz Johnston XOandQuin

taz – founder + director
nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills….mum of three, not a fan of caps

alisha – studio assistant
likes purple, makes scrunchies at forever violet

xoandquin meet the team - jo

jo – studio assistant
part time studio assistant, part time pot head at dearlove designs + clay school

jackie – studio assistant
fastest fingers in the east – gangster gran

sara – studio assistant
fakin’ it til she makes it!

about xoandquin - meet the team angie

angie – studio assistant
mum to pesto – master maker at throw me down

about xoandquin

james – token on site male
dad to XO, Quin + Portia too, head of live video at trickbox tv

when it became clear that men speak a different language, taz and the girls required a translator to mediate with male suppliers

sasha – remote admin support
customer service enquiries, full time stay at home dad to master p

about XOandQuin – what we do

100% recycled pieces of paper with print on | eco packing supplies for eco conscious businesses

eco friendly greetings cards & paper goods – handmade in our east london studios, printed on 100% recycled stock, post consumer waste of UK origin, in plastic free packaging, suitable for home composting. we also supply biodegradable, compostable & recyclable packaging supplies to small, micro and startup businesses.

image credit @harrybeau_and_i
glassine envelopes, made in the UK, PEFC certified paper, recyclable, biodegradable & compostable - image credit @esprit.nomade.atelier

about XOandQuin – sustainability

all of our paper goods are made to order, in our east london studios, this reduces excess inventory, waste and dead stock, we only produce what we will sell. our printed paper stock is 100% recycled post consumer waste, with the majority of our recycled content being of UK origin. any products not manufactured on site in our east london studios are proudly manufactured in the uk, at independent family run factories, exclusively for XOandQuin’s customers.

our biodegradable clear bags, unlike other PLAs on the market, are suitable for home compositing in home and do not need to be industrially composted to break down – which is not a widely accessible service. all our packaging is biodegradable, home compostable and/or recyclable in main stream paper recycling.

our vision

it is our mission to create a flexible and fair working environment, we operate a non- traditional 42 week working year (with holiday time being calculated on top of our three annual closures).

our team are the very core of everything we do at XOandQuin, and is the most important part of our business. XOandQuin are accredited living wage employers, this is a voluntary wage, and not the same as the one set by the government, we are also proud sponsors of the london football school, providing bursaries and making football accessible to children from low income families.

your continued support enables us to evolve, create and build our vision, paying our staff a fair wage, providing them the opportunity to spend time with their families,  working on their own personal goals, without worrying about time off, and the ability to support the local community, that Taz is proud to live and work in.

XOandQuin close every year over for one week over Easter bank holiday (week before), Late August bank holiday (week before) and two weeks over Christmas. every member of staff knows they have this time to be spend with their friends + families and work on their own projects, or just chill, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be called in.